Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Exciting news!!

My brother is getting married this weekend.. It'll be in Georgia, but sadly I won't be able to go because no one is going to watch the house. But they'll be back here in North Carolina, Saturday night and contiune it on Sunday. The Hmong wedding takes 3 days.. Friday- Sunday.

My sister in law is too sweet! I enjoy having her here everyday. She makes me laugh all the time!! She's so silly though. But beautiful!!!

More exciting news...
My mom is buying me a HD camcorder soon!! Omg, I'm so freaking excited. Right when I get it I'm just going to film a video and test it out and let you all know how it is. I need all you guys help.. which camera should I get? Any suggestions.. my mind is totally blank! Comment below! =)

Love you all.

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