Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just because I love you.

When we both say something at the same time, I’ll always let you go first… even if I do end up forgetting what I’m going to say. When we’re eating, I’ll let you eat the last of our food… I’ll still be hungry but I’ll just tell you I’m full because I want you to eat more. Whenever you’re feeling physical pain, I’ll always ask if you want me to put icy-hot on it, or if you want a massage. Whenever you’re feeling down, I’ll always be there to listen and to reassure you. Your fart smells so bad sometimes, but it’s okay and I don’t mind it even though I make fun of you. Sometimes I’ll let you pick where we should eat at… I probably would want to eat somewhere else but it’s okay. When you’re falling asleep, I keep you up sometimes because I want to keep hearing your voice. I’ll visit you when I’m tired, just so I can see you. I’ll never let you ditch class to see me (even if we would both rather be hanging out instead of being in school), because I care about you and your education. Sometimes I want to spend my money on myself, but I end up re-thinking about it and end up spending it on you… and I really don’t mind. I promise to always do these things, and more… just because I love you.

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