Saturday, January 29, 2011


Today felt amazing. I swear, the weather was perfect. Felt like summer for a bit then it went back to the cold when it hit dark. Andrew's 4th birthday party was fun.. it was really nice to hang out with my family. Esp my Aunts! They are such a huge impact in my life.. love them! 

Daddy got me a laptop! =) I'm excited. Can't wait to get it. I should get it sometime next week because he's going to update it and fix it up for me. It's not actually "NEW". He got it for my aunt then she destroyed it and bought another one so my dad took it back and is fixing it up.. if you guys didn't know, he's a computer electronic technician.. but he can fix any electronics. I'm so happy, I don't have to beg my sisters to use their computer to upload and edit my videos. I can just use mine!!! I love my daddy! 

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